Monday, June 22, 2020

What does glow up mean?

A glow up is used to describe a transformation of appearance, a beauty transformation to look pretty and feel naturally pretty like never before. You might have seen multiple how to glow up fast guides, or those using the term glo up, meaning pretty much the same thing. It's learning never heard beauty tips and beauty hacks, which skincare products give you glowing skin and the best beauty routines to try. Some people think it's how to have a make-over transformation, how to improve your looks in a month/how to look pretty overnight, but really there are so many different ways to glow up, over the summer, or glow up naturally, how to feed your body from the inside first.

A glow up can involve a whole number of different areas to look pretty, such as:

. A skincare glow up - the best skincare products to try, what is the best skincare routine and what skincare type do I have? We can also learn how to get clear skin for our skin type and how to get glass skin - that level of glowing, dewy skin that we always craved! This is one of my favourite glow up areas as there are so many new skincare products to try, like BHA skin exfoliators to jade rollers. We can experiment with all kinds of different skincare routines!

. A makeup glow up - how to improve your makeup skills, how to use makeup brushes and what makeup brushes you need... there's so much fun to be had! There's so much to learn and so many ways to look pretty, trying out beauty products and beauty hacks, like how to contour your face, how to shape your brows, or how to do eye makeup!

. A mindset glow up - this can be as simple as organising ourselves or taking the first steps to seek out any help, treatment or support we need. A mindset glow up help us grow in confidence. We can try multiple self care techniques. It encourages us to make time to try out new beauty treatments and take care of our appearance in new fun and loving ways, pampering ourselves with home beauty treatments.

. A fashion glow up - glow ups don't have to be about lipstick, it's all about experimenting with clothes to see what pieces you feel beautiful in. Try to go in store if you can (after the covid-19 outbreak has subsided) and try on clothes to your hearts content in the changing room, just like you can go in to department stores and sample/swatch all the tester makeup and beauty products. Try out different shades and colours to see which ones celebrate our skintone - or make our amazing features pop!

. A fitness glow up - Getting fitter and stronger is a traditional part of the glow up - often what we mean when we talk about glowing up over the summer. To glow up over the summer is a chance to feel physically better, healthier and stronger, as well as to look better, prettier and glowier, through making positive changes to diet and exercise.

This series will teach you never heard beauty tips and easy beauty hacks to try, everything you never heard before, all the beauty, makeup tricks and skincare hacks, and the best beauty products to glow up overnight!

What does glow up mean for me?

It can mean that beauty tips and looking pretty can boost your confidence and open so many doors for you in the process! Beauty tips and looking pretty can be often thought of as shallow, but looking and feeling naturally pretty elevates our self esteem and confidence and affects so much about our lives, from which jobs we apply for, to the friends we make, the occasions we attend, the opportunities we take. Beauty is in everything! It's so much fun to look good, albeit to run by your own standards rather than anyone elses, as comparison is never good.

It's about recognising how your perceived flaws pack so much potential  they compliment your whole face    and styling them becomes a celebration of your gorgeous features. By nurturing and nourishing our skin, our body, ourselves, we can learn to look pretty without makeup and feel beautiful in our own body. It helps us to feel put together!

How long does a glow up take? Can I glow up in 10 days?

We can glow up fast in the smallest ways by following beauty tutorials, wearing red and so many more beauty tricks to come, but it is often a process we are constantly on, learning which beauty products work for us, which skincare products our skin prefers, practising makeup tricks - some that might work better for us as we get older!

. How to glow up overnight - an overnight glow up often means pampering and nourishing ourselves and trying some home beauty treatments like applying a beauty sleeping mask, applying nourishing serums to our brows and lashes, trying out fake tan and spot treatments to get clearer skin overnight.

. How to glow up in a week - we can set out a glow up plan or a glow up checklist, a different activity to do every day. This is a great opportunity to show ourselves some self love and give ourselves some much needed self loving.

. How to glow up in a month - this is the optimal time for skincare products to work and also gives you a lovely lot of time to try new makeup trends, beauty hacks and make a record of the things you have tried and liked the most.

. How to glow up over the summer - often means eating well and nourishing your body from the inside out, with exercise and eating foods that help to give you clear skin. It can also mean finding solutions to make our beauty routines easier, such as investing in a brush cleanser, a fast way to clean your makeup brushes, or blending fruit in to a body nourishing smoothie that you can drink on the go. It's a great opportunity to experiment with skincare products to try them and see how they perform on your skin, as some skincare products have an optimal working time of up to a month. It's learning and finding out what suits you best, what clothes flatter your figure, trying different beauty treatments and beauty products and learning, recording - we can also leave reviews on beauty sites and makeup sites to help others too!

Our summer glow up routine and our over winter glow up routine can completely differ, our skin might have different needs and we might want to try out different beauty products and beauty tips eg we might find ourselves reaching for a lighter foundation for winter or totally lipstick shades, summer beauty tips are so different from winter beauty tips, we might want to add completely different steps to our glow up routine.

 Plus we are constantly adjusting our beauty routines, our skincare routines and as we get older, our skin, for example, might have additional requirements, it might become drier or we may experience some adult acne, which is totally normal. A great tip is to record your glow up, record the whole process - we can even print off those glow up checklist ideas from the internet and tick them off as we go along, there are so many great glow up ideas! We can use this journal to record your dream self goals, your makeup goals, your glow up goals, your glow up before and after pictures and story, your looking pretty goals, and don't leave anything out - there are no limits! Imagine and write down some emblems that represent your dream self and what they would do i.e

. I want to be that girl who wears lipstick everyday
. I want to be that girl who masters false eyelashes
. I want to be that girl who has beautiful nails
. I want to be that girl who has clear skin
. I want to be that girl who has a skincare routine

It's time to cement your most exciting visions - keep on reading to learn all these beauty hacks and more - how to glow up in 2 weeks, achieve your glow up goals and how to become prettier over the summer!
Thursday, June 11, 2020

How to look pretty without makeup, glow up ideas

How to get flawless skin without makeup! This will enable you to look pretty at the beach and look naturally pretty, without having to worry about makeup. So much of beauty, caring for our looks and our use of beauty products is about how we feel, our confidence can skyrocket if we feel good in ourselves. Experimenting with beauty tips and beauty hacks can be an empowering experience - the trick is learning not to compare ourselves to others and learning about our own beauty as we go on. Here is how to look cute and how to look beautiful naturally everyday - how to make yourself look pretty without makeup for school, work or for everyday!

1. Find your gentle skin exfoliant - the best beauty tools to exfoliate the skin are AHA or BHA chemical exfoliants that will help to deeply cleanse skin and shed old skin, without creating any abrasion in the skin (that a physical skincare scrub might create) that can turn in to spots. They are traditionally used once a week to reveal the fresh layer of glowy new skin underneath. This is how to get glowing skin quickly.

An amazing trick is to score some skincare products samples from beauty counters and spot test the products on a small area of the face first, to check if your skin reacts well to the product - to check if a product makes your skin break out. A Japanese Konjac sponge is a wonderful beauty tool to use on the skin and face as well as it is so soft and luxurious, as well as being 100% biodegradable.

2. Keep your skin clean and happy - keep it gently cleansed and then apply a moisturiser to lock in moisture and keep that precious skin barrier intact, which means the skin is nice and protected and happy. Sheet masks are amazing to use after washing your face and cleansing the skin as it means the skin can absorb all that goodness, locked in with a moisturiser afterwards. Often skincare products have an optimal number of days to work - this means it can take a few days to a few weeks to really reap the benefits of your skincare products and clear your skin. You might start to see your spots fading or clearing. Choose beauty products and skincare products that have simple ingredients that your skin will love. A great tip is to read beauty reviews and see if anyone else has experienced skin breakouts with that particular skincare product, be it cleanser, toner or moisturiser! It's so useful when you can find a review by someone who has the same skin type as you - oily, dry, sensitive, acne prone, or combination skin - as you gain an insight as to how your own skin might react to the product.

3. Pop a powerful spot solution on any spots that appear - they can make skin look clearer by morning! The Eradikate Kate Somerfield spot treatment is epic and perfect for you if you always find yourself googling 'how to get clear skin overnight' - it completely reduces spots quickly, it's like it gets rid of spots overnight.

4. Apply a lash and brow growth serum - this will help to nourish your brows and lashes and are a perfect way to get full brows and long lashes overnight. Apply them before bed to wake up prettier in the morning! It's an amazing way to pamper and nurture yourself and improve your looks in a month.

5. Curl your lashes and apply clear mascara to set in place - a high end curler will work wonderfully and make your eyes pop. I've always wondered how to look better from the side, how to make your side profile more attractive and curling the lashes really works, it makes them look pretty and fluttery from the side. A clear mascara will help to define the lashes and keep them curled.

6. Groom your brows with a spoolie and set - with that ultra strong hair gel that teenage boys love to use to spike their hair up, it sets brows perfectly in place and keeps them looking pretty and groomed throughout the day.

7. Glow up your nails - there are so many home beauty treatments to try to get pretty nails, beauty tips like applying hairspray to the finished coat to make it smudge proof and beauty hacks like applying polish just before you go in the shower, to remove any pesky polish pieces on the skin. Those nail strengthening polishes and similar beauty products are amazing to use too, they mean you can get pretty nails overnight, whilst caring for them at the same time, they are a wonderful way to care for your nails.

8. Use dry shampoo on the roots of your hair before you sleep - this will make your hair look amazing when you roll out of bed, all voluminous, it's a great beauty hack to make your hair look thicker.

9. There are also brow tints and lash tints and lash extensions - you can get done professionally, for that little extra boost of confidence, if you need it. These are great because you don't need to keep applying makeup every morning and is a great trick to bring out your natural beauty and frame the eyes.

I hope you enjoyed these easy ways to look pretty without makeup, they are great ways to be attractive as they allow your beautiful natural features to take centre stage and shine. They are great ways to look pretty for school or work where there is a strict no makeup code. Plus you won't have to worry about makeup and mascara smudges on a rainy day! Let me know your favourite non makeup hacks below!